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We are delighted to announce that the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society is now accepting early orders for the much anticipated publication "Duxbury, Our Pilgrim Story: a 2020 Perspective". There are two chapters in this book which focus on our Delano heritage; these were contributed by our genealogist, Muriel Curtis Cushing, and our newsletter editor, George B. DeLano.

Click here to view or download the order form for this book. Here is a brief summary of what's in the book.

Duxbury?s commemorative publication for Plymouth 400 featuring essays by twelve local historians each with a unique look into Duxbury?s early settlers. Also featured is a compelling perspective by an independent scholar of the Wampanoag nation. Essays include:

  • Duxbury?s Archeological History
  • The Pilgrim Connection to Clark?s Island
  • Duxbury?s Early Lands and Leaders
  • Adventuresome William Collier
  • Backstory to Colonization
  • John and Priscilla Alden of Duxbury
  • Day-to-Day Life in the 17th Century
  • Priscilla and Her Children
  • Along Ancient Paths
  • Searching for the Old Burying Ground
  • The Delano Family
  • and Duxbury?s Myles Standish Monument

NL #90, July - August 2019

In this issue we include expanded information about the 2019 DELANO KINDRED Reunion and Annual Membership Meeting in Hyde Park, NY on 10 through 12 September. Also included are articles about the DELANO estates on both side of the Hudson River. On the west side of the Hudson, the Algonac estate, owned by Warren Delano II. On the eastern side, the Steen Valetje estate, owned by his younger brother, Franklin Hughes Delano. Franklin H. Delano married Laura Astor. Please read the updated information about the 2020 and 2021 Annual Meetings in the issue. President Terry Delano and the DELANO KINDRED Board would like your views about future Reunion/Annual Meetings. Please fill out the questionnaire inserted in this issue and mail it to Cousin Terry at the address on the questionnaire. Also included is news of the DELANO KINDRED donation to the Plimoth Plantation as well as other information of interest. We look forward to seeing you at the Reunion and Annual Membership Meeting in September.

NL #89, March - April 2019

In this issue we include the information about the 2019 DELANO KINDRED Reunion in Hyde Park, NY on 10 through 12 September. We thank Cousin Carolyn Marcinkowski for her steadfast effort in making arrangements for this Reunion. We hope to see you there in attendance. Also included is news about our members, a review of an historical novel entitled “Before the Mayflower”, information about Laura Franklin Delano who was a favorite cousin of FDR, and the results of the 2018 Contribution Program. Refer to the REUNIONS page or click here to see complete reunion planning information as presented in the newsletter. Included with this newsletter is a 2019 Reunion Registration Form and a Charitable Program Contribution Form. Click here for the Reunion Registration Form or click here for the Charitable Contribution Form.

NL #88, November - December 2018

By the time you receive NL #88, it will be 2019 and we recognize that you will be receiving this one later than usual. One will recall that 416 years ago our common ancestor Philippe de Lanoy was born in Leiden in 1602 and was later baptized in the Vrouwekerk in Leiden on 6 November 1603. In this issue we include the developing news about the 2019 Reunion to be held in Hyde Park, New York, articles about the 2011 Vrouwekerk Plaque Ceremony in Leiden, a review of the book “Barons of Sea” that includes significant information about Warren Delano II, Membership Renewal Information, a Correction to the GHAAHD, and other articles of interest. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas and New Year holidays and extend our best wishes to you for 2019.

NL #87, August-September 2018

This issue of the Bonnes Nouvelles provides the information about results of the 2018 DELANO KINDRED Reunion and Annual Meeting in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Also included is an updated and corrected article about Lt. Jonathan DELANO?s lands and wills. Also included is information about the planned venues for the 2019 and 2020 DELANO KINDRED Reunions.

To view this newsletter in it is entirety, click here

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