About The Delano Kindred

The Delano Kindred was formed in Duxbury, Massachusetts, in 1991 by descendants of Philippe Delano (de Lanoy), a young lad just 19 years old who arrived in Plymouth in 1621 aboard the ship Fortune.

We are a group of individuals interested in Delano history and tracing Philippe and his family back through time as far as possible. It would be fun to believe the many stories and rumors that exist about Royal ancestry and relationship to notable and famous persons throughout the ages, however proving such connections is much easier said than done. Many of those stories may be true, but most probably are not; discovering the truth and uncovering documents that prove those links to the past has been, and remains, a major challenge for us.

All are welcome to join the Delano Kindred, whether a Delano, related to a Delano, or merely interested in Delano history.