The DELANO KINDRED has a number of on-going projects being conducted to further our knowledge and appreciation of Philippe Delano and his history. Here are the current projects:

The DNA Project

In conjunction with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA), the DELANO KINDRED is testing the DNA of some of our members with proven descent from Philippe Delano to establish a pattern of DNA that can be used to confirm descendancy from Philippe. In the process, we have also disproved speculation by some that Lt. Jonathan Delano might not have actually been one of Philippe's sons.If you have a male line of descent from Philippe or suspect that you do, and you'd like to prove it, we invite you to join our DNA project. (The testing is based on Y-Chromosomes, which are only passed down from male to male; so if there is a female in the line between you and Philippe, this test will not be able to prove your relationship.) You do not have to be a member of the DELANO KINDRED to participate in this effort. We recommend the Y-67 test; the Y-12, Y-25 and Y-37 tests provide an insufficient level of data on which to make a conclusive determination.

The European Research Project

This is an ongoing effort to prove, using accepted genealogical practices, the ancestry of Philippe de Lanoy as far back in history as possible. Included in this effort is the objective to either prove or disprove the assertions regarding royal lineage for the DELANO family as put forth in Book the First of the GHAAHD.

The Genealogy Update Project

This is an ongoing effort to validate, correct and update the information put forth in Book the Second of the GHAAHD. The format will be updated to reflect current standards for presenting genealogical information.