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2020 Annual Meeting and Reunion CANCELLED

Regrettably, the resurgence of the COVID-19 virus has forced us to cancel the 2020 Annual Meeting and Reunion planned for Manassas, VA, on September 25-27, 2020. A virtual membership meeting, likely via Zoom, will will be scheduled to take its place. Notice of that meeting will be posted as soon as plans are finalized.

Advance Purchase Offer for "Duxbury: Our Pilgrim Story"

To commemorate the Mayflower passengers and the 400th anniversary of their arrival, the Duxbury 2020 Authors and Board of Directors are publishing a book about the early leaders and families who settled Duxbury, "Across the Bay" and five nautical miles from Plymouth. Included are family names of Alden, Bradford, Delano, Standish, Eaton, Prence, Howland, Browne, Hicks, Samson, Washburn, Brewster, Collier, Soule and others.

The essay collection features 12 local historians and authors, each with a different perspective on the early Duxbury story, including Tony Kelso, Patrick Browne, James Baker, Monty Healy, Sheila Lynch-Benttinen, Paula Peters, Alicia Crane Williams, Peggy Baker, Carolyn Ravenscroft, Stephen O’Neil, Tom McCarthy, Muriel Cushing and George DeLano.

This Advance Offer to purchase "Duxbury: Our Pilgrim Story - a 2020 Perspective" for $20.20 per book plus $1.46 tax is available through June 1, 2020. To order your advance copy, send a check payable to Duxbury 2020 to Duxbury 2020, PO Box 2407, Duxbury MA 02331. At publication date, the book will be available online at a cost of $25.95 with tax and shipping additional.

On your order, please add phone number and email address. If local, you will be contacted when books are ready for pick up.  If you order to ship beyond zip code 02332, please add $4.95 per book for shipping.

Samuel Delano Logbook from the brig GRACE (1791)

Some years ago, the Hoyt Family donated a rare and valuable logbook written by Samuel Delano Jr. to the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society (DR&HS) in Duxbury, MA. This logbook provided a first-hand account of an American vessel trading successfully with Japan in 1791, but being over 200 years old, it was physically in rough shape. The Society lacked the necessary funds to preserve and digitize the book at the time, so they sent out requests for donations. As of September, 2019, they were still far short of what was needed. Learning about the book and the Society's plans to preserve it, DELANO KINDRED members enthusiastically voted to provide the remaining funds at our 2019 Annual Meeting in Hyde Park, NY. Here is a description (shamelessly copied from the DR&HS website) of this amazing book:

The logbook for the brig Grace is the first-hand account of an American vessel trading successfully with Japan in 1791, long before Admiral Matthew C. Perry commanded the entry of American vessels in 1853. The American brig, Grace, sailed into the harbor of Koshimoto and traded with Japanese villagers on May 1, 1791. Onboard was a 22 year-old Duxbury sailor and shipbuilder named Samuel Delano, Jr. As clerk, Delano kept the log of voyage and it is the only English language version of this momentous first meeting between two cultures.

Historian Scott Ridley (author of Morning of Fire about the sister ship Lady Washington) has described the log as “a rare record of America’s first visit to the closed nation of Japan in 1791. The historic visit is noted in fragments in Japanese archives, but this book, written day-to-day aboard the brig Grace as it lay in the harbor of Koshimoto, is the only American document to emerge from the voyage. It is a remarkable artifact.” The Japan-U.S. Friendship Memorial Museum in Koshimoto is dedicated to this important first contact. Scott Ridley and Hayato Sakurai feature the logbook in their book, “America’s First Visit to JAPAN April 29-May 8, 1791: Voyage of the Lady Washington And the Grace.”

The project was completed November, 2019, much sooner than anticipated. The preserved logbook now resides at the Society’s Drew Archival Library in Duxbury. In addition, the entire logbook is now available online in digital flipbook form on the Society's web page. Check out the logbook and see what other treasures exist in the DR&HS Delano Family Collection by clicking on the link below:

Along with the flipbook, there is a transcription of the events from April 29 to May 10, 1791. Further transcriptions and other site enhancements are ongoing. Congratulations to DR&HS for a job well done! The Delano Kindred is honored to have been a part of this project.

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2020 Annual Meeting and Reunion

This post will be updated periodically as more details become available.


The 2020 Delano Kindred Annual Meeting and Reunion will be held at the Hampton Inn Manassas in Manassas, VA, Friday September 25 (Welcome Dinner and speaker) and Saturday September 26 (Annual Meeting and tours). There will be a Board of Directors meeting on Sunday morning, after the hotel’s free breakfast is over. If you want to get a head start on reservations, the hotel telephone number is (703) 369-1100. We have a block of rooms at $94/night plus tax for one king or two queen beds, and the RATE CODE you need to mention is DKR. The room block is for the nights of 9/25 & 9/26, but they will extend it in either direction if asked.

You May Need to Clear your Browser Cache

The Delano Kindred website has undergone a major transformation. This transformation has brought a new design with cleaner presentation of content. Due to these design changes, it is possible that your web browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) may have older versions of the Delano Kindred website cached. Browsers cache web content in an effort to speed up page load times. Sometimes older cached copies of sites can cause new designs to not render properly until the old cache is cleared. This post is written by one of the designers of our new site to show us how to clear our browser cache. The below tips are for the more popular browsers in use today:


  1. Open Firefox
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